Guns N’ Roses Kick Big Name Out Of Concert


Rick Dunsford is a big name in the Guns N’ Roses fan community, and he is now claiming that he has been banned for life from Guns N’ Roses shows. There have been leaks of several songs from the Chinese Democracy sessions recently, and Rick had access to several of these songs. Rick wrote on Facebook, “So today I flew out to Wichita, KS to see my favorite band Guns N’ Roses! Today would be my 33rd time seeing them! Well I was just pulled from the line and told if I ever come to a Guns N’ Roses show again that I’ll be arrested! I was gonna escorted off the property and told I’m done.” Guns N’ Roses haven’t made any announcements regarding Dunsford being banned from shows. Axl Rose threw a surprising instrument in a funny GNR concert video a few days ago.

Axl Rose, Slash, and company are currently on a short fall Guns N’ Roses North American tour before they head back to the studio to work on their new album. Joe Elliott of Def Leppard & Art Alexakis of Everclear appeared on the latest episode of the Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite for Distortion. A bizarre Slash hair photo was revealed over the weekend.

“First, the Hall of Fame lead singer of Def Leppard calls in to discuss his new album with his other band, Down ‘n’ Outz – ‘This Is How We Roll.’ We chat about his passion for new music, will Def Lep make another record, and his friends in Guns N’ Roses.

Next, we’re joined in-studio by Art Art Alexakis, frontman of Everclear. We discuss his new solo album ‘Sun Songs,’ his battle with MS, and if he has a 6-degrees of GNR Bacon connection. Both their new albums come out 10/11/19. 2 interviews , 1 episode!” A Slash Guns N’ Roses guitar was sold for a massive price last week.

Listen to “Joe Elliott of Def Leppard & Art Alexakis of Everclear | Ep. 149” on Spreaker.