Guns N’ Roses Legend Suffers Guitar Robbery


Buckethead camp has seen some horrific saddening incident as the virtuoso guitarist has been the victim of a robbery. Earlier today, July 27, the musician shared a statement on his official website reporting the loss of 10 of the “most important guitars” he owned:

Buckethead issues statement on the robbery

Ten of the most important guitars of life were stolen. It’s a tremendous loss. I’ll never really be able to replace them, but I’m looking for anybody who knows of any instruments that come close to these. Hopefully, somebody can help out. I’m trying to get 2 Studio Gibson Les Pauls. Please contact Thank you.”

Although the website has been down since the morning, Buckethead encouraged fans to head over to the original statement and provide any help they could in recovering the stolen instruments. YouTube channel NatterNet shared a few more details on the matter (via Killer Guitar Rigs):

“To provide some extra insight and hopefully help in the recovery of these guitars, one of the stolen guitars is the 2008 Gibson with black headstock. The stolen guitar was sold at a swap meet on Sunday, June 5th this year in Phoenix, Arizona where the guitars were apparently in storage by the person shown in this video…” [visible at around 00:53 ]

“This person is highly likely to have been part of the robbery and in possession of the remaining guitars, if they haven’t already been sold.”

“Thankfully, this guitar [mentioned above] was purchased by a Buckethead fan who recognized the guitar from our Gibson guitars video, and has since been purchased by another fan who has reached out to Buckethead to have the guitar safely returned.