Metallica Ex-Bassist Calls Out James Hetfield ‘Cancelation’


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney revealed this vintage Metallica shirt that was originally sold at the 2015 edition of Lollapalooza. The shirt reflects the logo of one of Metallica’s most widely circulated demo tapes entitled ‘No Life Til Leather.’ Catching the attention of one time Metallica bassist, Ron McGovney, he stated how he at one point offered an extended version of this demo to his Metallica bandmates. Jason Newsted recently reunites with Metallica in emotional photo.

McGovney wrote on Twitter: “No Life Til Leather shirt on Rockabilia. I guess these were offered for sale at Lollapalooza in Chicago 2015. Too bad the extended No Life release never came out after the cassette. I offered up a lot of cool stuff for it. Let’s get Metallica to release the extended version.

The former Metallica bassist then quickly provided a positive update on this front, saying: “I sent them cassettes to record. They sent me back the cassettes and cd transfers. Pretty cool.

This Metallica ex-bassist confirms rumor: ‘here we go again’. Fans quickly responded to this development as one Twitter user said: “Dave and Lars to blame and it’s a shame. If I had millions of dollars I would not think for second to give all profits from this to the unsung heroes of Metallica. Ron, Lloyd, etc.

Another wrote: “Such horse**** that they can’t agree on writing credits and that prevents the fans from getting it.

This Metallica member revealed if James Hetfield left rehab. While another fan said”: “Ya, you would figure it would have come out as a bonus CD on the Kill’em All deluxe remaster.

This prompted McGoveney to respond with: “It was supposed to be the first release before KEA. [Kill Em All].