Guns N’ Roses Member Was Asked To Leave Show: ‘He Was Crying’


Chip Z’Nuff revealed how Axl Rose and Steven Adler reconciled in a new interview on the Guns N’ Roses fan podcast Appetite For Distortion. Alternative Nation transcribed the story.

“We would sit and talk about the reunion all the time. All he wanted to do was get back with his brothers. He loved Slash so much, he loved Axl. I told him to not talk about it too much in interviews, because you don’t want to piss off the gang: ‘Show them that the wounds that you’ve harvested for so many years have healed, and maybe you’ll get a chance one day.’

Guns N’ Roses were playing a gig in Las Vegas, that’s where Steven was living at the time when we first got together, and Stevens says: ‘I’m going to go see him.’ ‘That’s a great idea, go to the show and hang out and have a good time. Maybe have a chance to see the guys, and give Axl a hug, and tell him how much you love him, and thanks for the opportunities that he’s provided to you through your life.’ He went to the show that night, and all of the fans were coming up to him stopping him and getting autographs and pictures.

Del [James], Axl’s guy came out there and said: ‘Hey Steven, you’re not making Axl comfortable. Maybe it would be better if you just go home and we see you later on.’ So Steven left the show, he did not watch the show, he went home and he was crying. He was really upset, not mad, upset because he felt it was a missed opportunity for him to get together with his guys. As he put the keys in the front door, and was opening the door to go back into his house, the phone rang and it was Del.

Del said, ‘I just talked to Axl, please come back, we want to spend some time with you.’ Steven turned around and went back to the venue, that night they went out and hung out at the bowling alley, had a couple cocktails, threw some bowling balls. They had a great time. That was the catalyst, for them guys to heal, and for Steven to maybe one day be back in the fold playing some shows with them. Low and behold, five or six years later he got the telephone call from Slash saying, ‘Hey bro, we’re playing in Cincinnati. We want to fly you out to play a couple songs.'”

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