Guns N’ Roses Member Mocks Band For Snubbing Him


Guns N’ Roses recently made a New Years 2019 Instagram posts showing photos of Axl Rose, Slash, and Duff McKagan, who are generally the only members used in promotional material since the other members outside of Dizzy Reed had no involvement with the band’s classic incarnation, as Izzy Stradlin, Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum are not in the band.

Guitarist Richard Fortus hilariously reacted to the snub by commenting on the post on Instagram, “I think I’m the 3rd one.”

A fan commented, “It’s Duff.”

Fortus responded, “No, I’m pretty sure it’s me.”

Fans on MyGNRForum discussed Fortus’ comments.

default_ posted, “Did any of you notice Fortus comments on this post? lol Guess someone is a little bitter for not being displayed as part of the band :lol:”

SAU3R posted, “I’d be bitter as well if I were him.. He’s a hell of a guitarist, is in the band since 2002, after axl and dizzy the longest serving member but still everyone only cares about axl, Slash and duff.”

LA_0013 posted, “You sound surprised ?

He knows his place in the grand scheme of things – no matter how long he’s been around.”

SAU3R posted, “He sure knows that the big three are what the fan’s care about and I know that as well, but at least some small appreciation on social media or so would be nice because as I said he is a big part of the bands history, probably the casual fans would start noticing him (and frank, dizzy, Melissa) then.”

Sydney Fan posted, “For someone that has been in the band as long as he has he probably feels hes earned his place and shouldnt be considered the ‘nuguns guy’ and deep down probably wants to be included in having his picture on merch or marketed as much as the others. I wouldn’t blame him.”

Padme posted, “Well after reading his comments. I don’t think he knows his place. He is moaning because he claims to be the number 3 guy. In fact in the picture there is only one member to begin with.”

jekylhyde posted, “So, it’s Dave Kushner on the second guitar on the 2020 tour then :lol:”

RageKage posted, “I think the ‘I’m the 3rd guy’ comment was more ironic.”

Padme posted, “In the New Year picture he posted he is or should be the number 3. We don’t know if he meant it or it was just a joke.”

WhenYou’reTalkinToYourself posted, “The way I see it Fortus just makes a joke that he is the 3rd skull in that slide, which is obviously not the case, just to show that once again he is absent from the band’s posts.

Not that he is/ should be the 3rd in the band hierarchy.”

Padme posted, “But if he tried to make a point about being underappreciated. He shouldn’t talk to fans. It is not in our hands to fix whatever problem he may have. He should talk to Axl and TB. I don’t think that joke(assuming it’s a joke) is gonna help him. We have people here and at the IG account telling him that he is not and should not be the third skull. The way he posted is open to different interpretations and opinions.”

IncitingChaos posted, “Fortus has a great sense of humor. That’s part of why Axl likes him so much.”