AC/DC Icon Reveals Miserable Brian Johnson Photo


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade has uploaded a vintage photo where Brian Johnson looks pretty miserable, with Angus Young looking to be the only member having a good time! An AC/DC member ripped a Led Zeppelin concert yesterday.

Slade’s post says, “Released October 27, 1992: AC/DC Live. Recorded on the 1991 ‘The Razor’s Edge’ tour and released as a companion to the Live At Donington video release (several of the tracks were taken from the video performance). The CD was released was in one disc (14 tracks) and two-disc (23 tracks) editions. Featured the great Chris Slade on drums.”

There are rumors that 7 new songs were recorded last year for an AC/DC reunion album, and fans are debating on if 7 songs would be enough to charge the price for a full album.

Venom Injector posted, “Collectors might still buy it, but if it’s sold at a full price it would look like a theft. I’m pretty sure if they release an album the songs would be 10 at least, but at this point it’s more realistic that what they have will end up on some boxset or something like that (and maybe just the best tracks).”

DrBelford responded, “I’m always surprised how the ‘brand value’ of AC/DC is severely underestimated on here. Furthermore they could easily add 2 or 3 previously unreleased tracks or even live tracks to justify a regular price etc. (And I know it’s all hypothetical anyway, since no one knows how many ‘Vancouver’ tracks there are).”

Inferno said, “A regular price for what? I’m being serious here. Some people still buy CDs, and some people (me) are willing to buy vinyl, but most people do not go out and buy albums anymore (hard copy or digital). They pay a streaming service and have access to whatever is released. In this world there are still lots of albums being made, but you don’t have to look at it as a price to song ratio. Release a single, release an EP. Release whatever you want to. Some fans will still purchase albums, but it’s not a big revenue generator for a band.

There are exceptions of course. Tool scored big ‘pure album’ sales (at least initially) with a $40 CD that included a video screen. And fans couldn’t wait to give them their money after a 13 year drought.” An AC/DC member going to jail was detailed last week.