Guns N’ Roses Member Reveals Why Reunion Is ‘Worse’ Than Heroin


Original Guns N’ Roses drummer Steven Adler discussed his Not In This Lifetime tour guest appearances in a new Loudwire interview.

“I loved that, it was so great. It was a dream come true to be able to play for so many people, and just get that kind of love. You get love in a club, but in a stadium, when you’ve got 100,000 people screaming your name, that’s a high that you can just never come off of. That’s why it’s so hard for musicians that do shows like that, and all of a sudden aren’t doing shows like that, it’s worse than heroin. It’s better and worse at the same time.”

Gibson Brands, the world’s leading music lifestyle company, recently appointed guitar superstar Slash as Global Brand Ambassador, the first such designation in the company’s history. As part of the new role with Gibson, Slash is developing new products with three of its celebrated guitar brands, Gibson Custom, Gibson and Epiphone.

A new three-and-a-half-minute video clip in which Slash talks about his new role can be seen below.

Throughout his career, Slash has embodied Gibson’s values of quality, prestige and innovation and has brought the indelible sound and style of Gibson guitars to new heights of popularity and recognition over the last thirty years.

“We are thrilled to recognize Slash as Gibson’s first Global Brand Ambassador,” said Henry Juszkiewicz, chairman and CEO of Gibson Brands. “Slash embodies the characteristics of creativity, passion and excellence that are so closely aligned with Gibson and we are very proud of the friendship and mutual success we have shared together for over thirty years. We are also very excited about the future products we will be announcing soon.”

“It’s an honor to be Gibson’s first Global Brand Ambassador,” said Slash. “I’ve been working with Gibson since the early days of my professional career and playing Gibson guitars since before that. I’m proud of the creative relationship we’ve developed over the years.”