Guns N’ Roses Members Reportedly ‘Upset’ At Financial Deals


Guns N’ Roses insider MSL recently discussed the financial deals for Guns N’ Roses’ ‘non-core’ members for the 2016 tour on GNRTruth.

“Don’t think Chris [Pitman] was asked to take a cut. I do know of other non-core members who expected this tour to be more lucrative for them than previous tours, only to be upset when they found out the money was the same as before. Is it possible Chris complained and got cut out? Maybe. I don’t know. I do know the others chose to keep their mouths shut.

Really don’t want to speculate beyond that and I worry that anything I say will end up on a bunch of other sites. Just offering my opinion on why i don’t think Pitman was necessarily asked to take a pay CUT, but may have been upset that he wasn’t being offered a raise either considering how much bigger the tour is.

I’ve also spoken to people close to the band who believe the lack of a third guitarist was financially motivated as well.”