Guns N’ Roses Rumored New Songs Leak Is Unbelievable


Guns N’ Roses fans were stunned on social media yesterday when it appeared there could be a new Guns N’ Roses leak, including a rumored song called “Leave Me Alone.”

Gino Gutierrez commented:

I have my doubts. This sounds like Chinese Democracy, although I do not doubts it is axl`s voice, the little that is heard of the guitar does not look like Slash´s style. Maybe that recording before 2008

Dan Stokes commented:

That’s Axl 100%, sounds great

Nahuel Agustín Lema Tamayo commented:

I dont know really, we will see if it gets claimed its because it was actually axl

Marlon 85 commented:

This ain’t fake people it’s definitely Axl!

Roel Horemans commented:

Wow! That’s him. AND it’s a nice melody too. 😮

Roel Horemans commented:

After listening to more stuff on the channel : alaaaaasss! 😭

The leak is unbelievable. We mean this literally, sadly. Fans were let down when a fan pointed out that one of the ‘leaked’ songs wasn’t by Guns N’ Roses.

TimeToDiee posted on

The account has a few other uploads, and at least one of them is a song by Stephen Chesney/Chad Atkins, I think the title was “Vehicular Blues” or something similar.

If you listen to “Vehicular Blues” it does sound like Steven Adler could have a great new candidate to sing for Adler’s Appetite!