Guns N’ Roses’ Slash Refuses To Buy Expensive Guitar


Slash recently talked about his reluctance to purchase guitars from high-profile auctions, such as Mark Knopfler’s recent sale of his extensive guitar collection, which raised millions for charity. Despite the allure of guitars like the iconic 1983 Les Paul used for “Money for Nothing,” Slash opted not to bid, explaining his preference for guitars that he knows he will use regularly.

Slash won’t bid on guitar

In an interview with Z92 Bickham, Slash commented on his approach to buying guitars. He gave more emphasis to the fact that while these guitars hold historical significance, they often become novelty items rather than instruments that get played regularly.

“No, I didn’t… I love guitars, and I will fork out some money [for one], but I’m not gonna fork out that kind of money for a guitar. It’s just a guitar [laughs].”

“And the thing is, if you buy something like that, it’s a special novelty item that you’re gonna hang on the wall. I have a lot of guitars, but my intention, when I buy them, is to use them, which I do. Even if I only use it for a handful of times, but they always have an application at the time I buy it.”

Reflecting on similar auctions by David Gilmour, Slash noted Gilmour’s hope that his guitars would be used rather than stored away. Slash questioned the practicality of using such historic instruments casually, suggesting they might only be used sparingly, if at all, after purchase.

Despite his own extensive collection of guitars, Slash admitted he’s not yet ready to auction any of his own instruments: “Somebody asked me if I was gonna auction some of my guitars off, and I was like, ‘I’m not there yet!’ [laughs]” He described himself as sentimental and attached to his instruments, finding it difficult to part with any of them.

Slash’s latest project, the blues covers solo album “Orgy of the Damned,” has recently been released, showcasing his ongoing passion for music and guitars.

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