Heartbreaking Photos Of Chester Bennington’s Bandmates & Famous Friends At Funeral


UPDATE: Click here for photos of the music stage at the funeral.

Alternative Nation can confirm that Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington’s private funeral was held yesterday in Rancho Palos Verdes, with his bandmates, friends, and family in attendance. Members of Chris Cornell’s family were in attendance, along with members of Chester’s band Dead By Sunrise. Dead By Sunrise’s Julien K wrote, “Julien-K & Dead By Sunrise stand with @linkinpark & the Bennington family as we go to honor our sweetest and dearest friend. Chester we love you so much. Our thoughts, love, and prayers to Talinda, the kids, and the LP family. We love you…..”

See a photo of the surviving Dead By Sunrise members as they were about to go into the funeral below, followed by photos of the funeral program and hip hop star Blackbear.

Of Mice & Men’s Austin Carlile wrote, “The service today was beautiful. Thank you Linkin Park, thank you Chester. For everything ❤❤❤.”

Chris Cornell’s mother-in-law Toni Karayiannis wrote, “”I’m not ready to let one more of my loved ones go,not now not ever! Chester and Talinda stood by us 24/7 I can’t give Chester up today ! It’s unfair that god wants them both !Its just double the pain!Unthinkable, unbearable! Black Saturday!”

Hip hop artist Blackbear wrote, “beautiful ceremony.. a lil piece of u has & will be in every song i sing on stage forever. @chesterbe @linkinpark #chesterbennington.”

The above photo was taken by @joelbull

The service today was beautiful. Thank you Linkin Park, thank you Chester. For everything ❤❤❤

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Rene Mata wrote before attending the funeral, “Tomorrow I say #Goodbye to a #Husband hopelessly in #love with his wife an amazing #dad #son #brother #bandmate. The #voice like an #angel and the #scream for an #angst of a #generation. He was one of the most humble giving considerate guys I know. Constantly running late or constantly stopping eating to give a person a selfie autograph hug or just talk. He gave his phone number to everyone to point were I was like your crazy but it was just the guy he was. The one thing I can say he was always wanted to live to the point when I asked him if he wanted to ride w/ Norman Reedus in an LA episode which he wanted to but didn’t because he had a family band & employees that relied on him. I’ve had blinders on.

I don’t wanna know anything, the Monday morning quarterbacking, the speculations all that bulls**t .If it ain’t bringing him back don’t tell me about it. I’m a lucky man the last 2 years we we’re closer then ever. I have so many memories videos pics of such awesome times we had. I will celebrate your life until I see you on the other side my brotha. I will be there for your family until the day I meet you again. Tomorrow I say goodbye to one of my greatest friends.This picture was taken around 4am in my living room this past December he just played @theparamountny and we’re laughing watching bad tv for hours. He was sleeping in my daughter’s room & heIping put the elf on the shelf in new interesting places. I love you @chesterbe I will miss you monumentally. #Onemorelight until we meet again..❤️❤️❤️❤️.”

Rene wrote a message at the funeral as well, “I’ll see you the #otherside #mybrotha ? #Loveyou @chesterbe.”