Metallica ‘Lose’ Singer After James Hetfield Drama


On Twitter recently former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney confronted a superfan who stated that he saw the group perform their classic track ‘Mechanix’ back in 1983. “I saw the video where Dave, James, Cliff and Lars perform Mechanix back in 83. I believe, maybe it was 82.”

It was then when McGovney revealed some shocking news, stating that James Hetfield wrote almost all the riffs except the main riff in Hit The Lights.

To which the one time Metallica bassist stated: “So…. you think that Kirk’s solos on Kill Em All sound nothing like Dave’s solos on No Life Til Leather? James wrote almost all the riffs except the main riff in Hit The Lights. The Mechanix [Four Horsemen] was all Dave. James changed the lryics. Same for Jump in the fire.

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon the aforementioned: ‘Kill Em All’. One fan stated: “ For those who may have been under a rock when this set was released (or perhaps just inundated with new music and endless reissues of old music, like I was) and have still not “jumped” into this pricey fire, hopefully, this review will be helpful and informative. I am usually not a fan of the proverbial “money grab” reissue process. Lifelong collectors usually find very little of interest from a product that is often rushed and not well thought out. Fortunately, no matter how you may feel about Metallica, they got this right. First, the timing was right.”

The reviewer continued: “Vinyl continues to grow in popularity as many of us old-school rockers grow weary of artless digital files and over-compressed CDs. And let’s face it, many of us have either worn out or sold our old records, or they just don’t sound good anymore with the modern phonographs. And who doesn’t want a new, high-quality recording of one of the most iconic albums in metal history? Second, the quality of both the content and the presentation is excellent (see below for full discussion of the components). Finally, while clearly targeted to the dedicated Metallica fan, collectors will find much to enjoy as well, particularly the hardcover ear book, which in addition to the picture EP and live LPs, is really the chief selling point here as the remastered versions of the original CD and LP can be purchased separately.”