Hollywood Legend Reveals Incredible Way Chris Cornell Helped Billy Corgan


Director Cameron Crowe recalled how late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell helped Billy Corgan and The Smashing Pumpkins get “Drown” on the Singles soundtrack in a new tweet.

A fan asked, “Have you ever officially explained how Smashing Pumpkins made it onto the ‘Singles’ soundtrack? If not, will you, please?”

Crowe tweeted in response, “Credit the brilliance of @chriscornell, Scott. He came back from Chicago and excitedly told us all about this new band he’d seen — Smashing Pumpkins. Danny Bramson hooked us up, Corgan sent us some demos. Chris was very happy we were able to help out a young band he loved.”

Cornell and Corgan later had a falling out and in the 2010’s traded barbs about the legitimacy of each band’s reunion. Cornell said Smashing Pumpkins weren’t legitimate, as Corgan was the only original member in the band at the time. Corgan said Soundgarden were only back for a cash grab, and that their tours were focused on nostalgia. Cornell tragically died last year, and since then Corgan has admitted that he regrets their falling out as he “looked up to him.”

“I wish I had more answers and I’d done more. I knew Chris, and we had a bit of a falling out and were never able to patch that up. I wish I hadn’t contributed in even the most miniscule way to his unhappiness. I wish I’d have been a force for encouragement, because he influenced me, and I looked up to him.”