Howard Stern Calls Out Awful Eddie Vedder Rejection


In an internal Howard Stern staff meeting video leak from February 2013, Stern discussed his frustration with being unable to book Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder for the show, and suggested how they could try to book him. Stern also said he brought back Billy Corgan after he had been ‘off the radar.’ Alternative Nation transcribed Stern’s comments, where he is giving a presentation along with a slide show that he references during his talk.

Stern: Nobody is going to forget that we exist. We need to leverage friends of the court. What do I mean by that?

[Stern points at a picture at comic Whitney Cummings]  

Stern: Whitney Cummings was doing jack shit when we found her, she was doing she was in clubs and going nowhere fast.

[Stern points at a picture of Jerry Seinfeld]

Stern: Jerry Seinfeld had a show called the Seinfeld Chronicles that was about to go off the air, he used our show.

[Stern points at a picture of Kathy Griffin]

Stern: This woman was nowhere until she did our show.

[Stern points at a picture of former host of “The Daily Show” Jon Stewart]

Stern: Jon Stewart used to come on my show when the Daily Show first started and he would be a regular guest! What happened to this guy, I haven’t even seen him in years on our show?!

[Stern points at a picture of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine]

Stern: Adam Levine owes us, man, when he was coming in and doing the show nobody was looking for him before the Voice.

[Stern points to a picture of former Late Night host David Letterman]

Stern: David Letterman man, I’ve done his show, I don’t know how many times, probably twenty-seven fucking times and he’s only been on our show fucking twice. These guys our friends of the court. This means they are gonna get emailed: “Hey you know, happy anniversary, it’s been ten years, today’s the day you’ve been on our show ten years ago and we haven’t seen you.” We were there for you when you started, we were there for you. Seinfeld? We helped you with Seinfeld. Whitney Cummings was just on Good Morning America, Today Show, she finally has something going on that we would be interested in and she’s not doing our show? She dials in occasionally but we’re not top on her list. Jon Stewart is hotter than a pistol, why is he not on our show anymore. Let’s ask him and invite him to the party.

[Stern goes to another slide entitled Friends of the Court]

Stern: Friends of the Court, we expect you to come in at least two times a year. Yeah, Jon Stewart should visit us two times a year. I don’t think that’s too much to ask because I’ve done his show. [Second point] We were once your marketing strategy and now we need you to be part of ours. Payback. Where is the list of people who did our show who we really helped and why are we not calling on these people to help us in the future?

Stern would continue later on in the meeting:

Stern: Eddie Vedder has never done my show, I talk more about Pearl Jam than Jon Stewart, David Letterman or Jimmy Kimmel. Eddie Vedder goes: “Eh we can’t go?” Why can’t you go? We know Natalie Maines, she’s a friend of the court, let’s get the materials to Natalie and say: “Will you pass these on to Eddie personally”. Play tape of me talking about Eddie and me singing along to Jeremy. Show a tape from Howard TV because I think the video is strong, of the lead singer from Soundgarden [Chris Cornell] when he was on because those guys respect each other. Someone’s gotta sit down and think this through and we are gonna be doing that in 2013.

  • PassionateOrangeWhip

    This is a great video and article! It shows how much Billy Corgan, Jerry Senfield, John Stewart, Adam Levine, and Kathy Griffin ALL owe their successful careers to Howard Stern!
    Howard turned me off a bit when he did black face and uses the N word a lot (especially in his Back Street boys song paraody) and when he slept with married women, but this you cannot deny!

  • Jugdesh Mirwani

    video leaked on sour studding john podcast recently. No credit given. The video is rather innocuous. I am not sure why John thinks it is so scandalous. It is just a pep talk given to staff to focus team on getting better guests

  • nattyp

    I think this leaked video is pretty embarrassing for stern . Him taking credit for some peoples careers is laughable. Howard doing this is all stuff he got from that snake oil salesman marci turk . He handed over the stern empire to a woman who couldnt hold a job for a year and had like 10 jobs she couldnt hold. Basically she came with the getting things done little cult that basically showed Howie how to clear his emails. The show is so awful I’ve out of curiosity heard clips and it’s boring. It has no format or direction. It used to be a comedy show that used to have the balls to take shots at the fake Hollywood people. Now it’s just cat talk and boring convos between Howard and Robin it’s like listening in on my grandparents Howard got all his success from Jackie writing all his funny lines bringing stuttering John with the crazy questions Billy west doing voices and his merry band of interns and back room people bringing their stories on air. Their ate no calls anymore he us on 3 days a week 100 days a year . For the money hes making it’s like highway robbery. Hes protected that it’s not like terrestrial radio in that they cant show ratings theirs subscribers to SiriusXM and u cant tell who is listening to what and if they are listening at all bc it’s a subscription just like a cable subscription to HBO u may not watch HBO for 9 months . So it’s just like that. He was able to coast off the 90s til artie who gave him most of his content. Artie drug stories artie hooker and gambling stories. Hes the luckiest man even. Ge has an IQ of 99 which is very average but thinks he us a genius . He says hes an actor he did one movie that was a bomb. His book is doing terrible bc it’s a bunch if interview transcripts I used to think Howard was the best he had a lot of people around him that made the show entertaining . Talk about seeing the man behind the curtain. He should retire but wont bc hes afraid of becoming irrelevant. Hes got 70 guys on staff what do they actually do? In the 90s he had like a 3rd of that and the shoe was much better. Honestly hang it up wigs . The show us a RIP off and just like a boxer has his time and it’s over so is the show. Hes afraid he will lose Beth who he doesnt even live with. It’s a sham marriage shes his beard Howard is gay. Nothing wrong with it but no way will he come out at this point. Think of the obsession with gits penis size alone. What straight Male is obsessed with penises? Or the shows he watched and watched 90210 was a 45 year old mans favorite show. Prob bc ge wished he could bang 90s Jason priestley or Luke Perry who he touched and complimented a little too much.

  • nattyp

    Someone at the meeting anonymously leaked it very recently

  • nattyp

    I agree or another Kardashian fake story that was covered in the rags when it happened and is being talked about again bc it’s being shown now on that show that I cant believe lasted 12 years and counting. It will prob go on another 30 when the grandkids start getting married and having kids.

    • Merry Pedroza

      And immediately getting fake boobs and nose jobs before they can even walk just like their parents did🤮!!

  • Mike C

    Howard is a malignant narcissist!

  • fred zout

    The reason Stern does not get good guests anymore is because he left real radio. He has no more value as a promotional outlet. Plain truth.

  • jakebear

    Hoard actually said, “…and me singing along to Jeremy Spoke.”

    He didn’t even know the name of the damn song.

  • STFUdonny

    Who’s Howard Stern? Ah ha ha ha.

  • Mike Walls

    People wanted to be a part of Stern’s show when he was pushing the limits and going against the grain. Now he just wants to phone it in and just guilt famous guests to come in for his dying show. Really sad to see all he needs to do is go against MSM and Hollywood and the phone would ring off the hook. He fought for the rights that are once again under attack and he is helping it happen.