Howard Stern Calls Out Awful Green Day Disrespect


Howard Stern called out Richard Christy for calling Green Day drummer Tre Cool a ‘standard punk drummer’ on a recent episode according to a recap:

Howard said he saw Jack Black on the Tonight Show playing a kid’s toy and jamming on it. He said that guy is a talent. He said it was one of those things you blow into. He said he was jamming really well on it. He said he likes that guy. He said he really should play Bubba.

Howard said he really digs this guy Tre Cool in Green Day. He said he was watching him do a song and he’s not just keeping the beat. He said there’s something else going on there. Howard played some of their song ”Welcome to Paradise” and said just listen to this drumming. Howard said there’s a lot going on there.

Howard said he thinks that guy is underrated. Robin said the 90s were very drum related. Howard asked Richard if he thinks he’s out of his mind. Richard came in and said that he thinks he’s alright. He said he’s just a standard punk drummer. He said he’s good though. Richard said he’s into heavier stuff. Richard said Howard is probably right about Tre. Howard said he’s the wrong guy to talk to about that.