Ringo Starr Reveals If John Lennon Hated George Harrison


George Harrison, the iconic, late guitarist for The Beatles was a subject of discussion by Ringo Starr, the legendary ‘Fab Four’ drummer. Starr recently took part in a sitdown panel put together by Parade and BackStory events along with prestigious director David Lynch. Together, both discussed various topics. Ringo Starr recently revealed this The Beatles reunion: ‘It Will Be Epic’.

Here, Starr gave us a glimpse into the creative process for ‘The Fab Four’ as he revealed what John Lennon, George Harrison and his other Beatles bandmates would think about each other submitting songs for the rest of the group to listen to, and if they hated each other’s material. Alternative Nation transcribed their comments. The Beatles revealed George Harrison ‘smoking’ before death photo the other day.

Interviewer: So, I’m gonna indulge myself in one question that I’ve always wanted to ask Ringo [Starr] or any Beatle, which is, okay, so you’re sitting there behind the drums and I’ve played in bands before and they’ve played original music. One of my favorite parts is when one of my bandmates brings in a song and you get a chance to listen to a new song and everybody gets excited about the creative process. Yet dude, I mean, you’re playing drums for the Beatles and [Paul] McCartney, [John] Lennon and [George] Harrison are bringing in these songs. Are you going: “Holy crud, that’s really a good song”?

Starr: There are many songs that you can’t say that about. I mean, they did write some incredible songs, great melodies and in three different styles. At the beginning it was John and Paul, they wrote everything then they started writing separately. Yeah, I mean, the other thing that we did when somebody had the song the other three would give their all but never would stop. Every time there’s a counting we all gave our all. I think it still shows today. I mean they’re still playing our records today. George Harrison stole this huge money from John Lennon.