Howard Stern Calls Out Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge For Shocking Behavior


On Monday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, Howard called out Tom DeLonge’s shocking 2015 decision to quit Blink-182 to chase aliens.

Howard said Blink-182 has a song he likes and he painted to the song this weekend. He said the song is sad. He said it’s about divorce and he thinks about his kids and his divorce. He said the song is about divorce. The song is ”Stay Together For the Kids.” Howard played the song and said he loves these guys.

Howard asked Gary where these guys are. Gary said it seems that Tom Delonge is now chasing UFOs. He said he’s trying to prove the existence of aliens. Howard said he should go back to writing songs. He said he’s a genius. Howard asked why anyone would devote their life to aliens. Howard said you don’t see him doing anything but this radio show. He said UFOs aren’t paying the bills. Howard played another Blink 182 song, ”All the Small Things”, while he was talking about that. Howard said they need him back to write songs. Robin asked what he’s going to write about now. She said he’ll write about chasing aliens. Howard said he can look for UFOs at his concerts. Howard went to break after that.

Tom DeLonge recently filmed himself hearing “All The Small Things” at a San Diego Padres game over the weekend. He wrote it was ‘awkward.’