Howard Stern Drops ‘Scary’ Neil Young Bombshell


Howard Stern discussed Neil Young refusing to be filmed at Woodstock 50 years ago on his show earlier this week, and said Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young were ‘scared shitless’ onstage. Stern revealed why he was upset he hadn’t booked Young yet for his show in a leaked 2013 video. recapped: Howard said what a great festival that was. He said it was a great film too. He said they had Crosby Stills and Nash there. He had some of their song which was only their second gig. They said they were scared shitless up on stage there. Howard had them performing ”Helplessly Hoping.” Howard said this is interesting. He said Neil Young refused to be in the film so they had to shoot around him. He said Neil thought they were playing to the cameras and he got pissed off about that. He said he asked Neil about that when he was on the show. Howard played a clip from that interview where Neil was talking about the cameras at Woodstock.

Howard said Neil was still pissed off about it. He said that Neil wasn’t the only one who refused to be in it. He said the bands who didn’t appear in it missed out on a big opportunity. Howard said this guy did a killer performance of a song that got a standing ovation and he wasn’t in the movie. He said if he was just in the movie he would have been huge. He said this was Bert Sommer performing ”America.” Howard played some of that song. Howard said it was beautiful. He said he would have been like Joe Cocker. He said he refused to be in the movie. Robin said it would be interesting to talk to some of these people who weren’t in it. Howard said Bert died in 1990. Howard Stern revealed Jimi Hendrix’s Woodstock paycheck earlier this week.