Metallica Ex-Bassist Unloads On Lars Ulrich Disrespect


We recently reported that Metallica frontman James Hetfield left a huge tip at this restaurant. In a followup to that story, former Metallica bass player Ron McGovney recently answered a Metallica superfan who asked if the bill of that night was split ways. To which, the one-time Metallica member wrote: “Ha. Ha. That’s a good one.”

In other news regarding Metallica, fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of Metallica’s most beloved albums – Load. One fan wrote: ” This album is worth it just for the track sequence of “Until It Sleeps”, “King Nothing”, “Hero of the Day”, and “Bleeding Me”. “The Outlaw Torn” is another stone-cold classic. If I have one complaint about this album it’s that the second half is uneven. The production is wonderful, but some of the songwriting choices leave me missing the aggression of their previous albums.

It’s definitely not the thrash metal of their past. Nor does it have the same heavy edge of the Black Album. However it really presents a different and thoroughly enjoyable version of a classic band.” Metallica ex-bassist calls out James Hetfield’s drinking.

While another said: “Not sure why people don’t like this album. I think Load and Reload are absolute masterpieces. If you’re one of those rebel, “Oh, I’m such a mean metalhead rebel” kids that follow the bandwagon “wah! wah! they sold out” then, of course, you won’t like this. I was born in 1982 and grew up with Metallica. I’ve seen it evolve to what it is today, for good or bad. I love Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets (two of my favorite classic Metallica albums), but it wasn’t until the Black Album when their music talent started growing. Load has amazing tracks for people who appreciate good, original, masterfully composed rock. Tracks like “Bleeding Me,” and “The Outlaw Torn” are worth opening your ears for. Amazing work by my all-time favorite band.” James Hetfield recently unloads on canceling Metallica tour for rehab.