Howard Stern Leaks Sad Freddie Mercury AIDS Secret


Howard Stern reacted to the Freddie Mercury and Queen biopic, which depicts Freddie getting AIDS, winning best actor at the Oscars last year, and how it screwed up Bradley Cooper’s ‘scene.’ Freddie Mercury was caught with his bandmate’s girlfriend in a rare video. recapped: Howard said he was working on the Year in Review stuff and he came across all of the things he hates and he really doesn’t like much. He said he still feels the same way about all of this. He said he hasn’t changed his mind on all of this stuff. He said that he still hates all of this. He read a list of the things he said he hates from last year. He read the list and then played a montage of himself talking about the things he doesn’t like.

Robin asked why Howard goes up in front of crowds if he hates it so much. Howard said Jon Bon Jovi asked him to do that. Robin said he has done it at other events too. Robin said his agent took him off the list at his birthday party. Howard said he got up and did it out of guilt. Robin said he was off the hook and he didn’t have to do it. Robin said he was making notes the whole evening. Howard said he felt guilty. Robin said he also went up at Beth’s North Shore Animal League gala. Howard said it’s a mistake to have Robin at those things.

Howard said it’s the guilt that makes him do that stuff. Robin said that he would have been fine if he didn’t do it at Don’s thing. Howard said he knows Don was pissed. He said he had to do it. Howard said he knows what’s going on.

Howard said he hates everything and he’s very negative. He said he can’t wait to see what he hates in 2019. Robin said he’s already started. She said he hated the golden globe awards. Howard said he really did. He said that guy Rami Malek won for best actor. He said he was really good in that movie ”Bohemian Rhapsody.” Robin said Bradley Cooper was a lock for that in her opinion. Howard said they f***ed up his scene.

Howard played more of the montage of the things he hates. The list was non stop. Howard said he must be a little negative. He said he really hates Halloween and adults dressing up. He said he really hates that people think he can’t have an opinion like that f*** head in Philly. Howard said he doesn’t think anyone who has failed at radio has any right to comment on his opinion. He said he has to take a break. Michael Jackson’s daughter recently leaked a creepy Freddie Mercury claim.