Freddie Mercury Caught With Bandmate Girlfriend In Bad Video


The Queen and Freddie Mercury Instagram fan account freddiemercuryclub recently posted this behind the scenes video of one of Queen’s most beloved songs – ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’. Here, the account recalls how “the girl squats (out of place) in front of Freddie (as part of the video) and Freddie’s like: “None for me darling but thanks anyway”. Many in the comments tried to the guess who the mystery woman was, with popular guesses including Mary Austin. Michael Jackson’s daughter makes creepy Freddie Mercury claim.

However one fellow Instagram user – Mary.Crusier revealed the truth, that it was really a former flame of Queen icon Roger Taylor as she responded: “Sorry you are all wrong..its Debbie Lang, Roger’s model girlfriend at the time.”

Freddie Mercury ‘ripping off’ The Beatles revealed. Other people commented in the comment section such as bonellen39 who said: “Well, I love this. Freddie is incredible. We already know that Freddie can dance because of his movements on stage and man oh man can he dance. Every move he makes blows my mind. Maybe Roger would be interested in the blonde dancer. I read where they call Roger the s***. This is a great video and I love the song. Miss and love Freddie forever. You’re right. I can’t stop watching this.”

While popinjay1946 responded: “I’ve always been so impressed by how politely he tells the girl that she’s out of place; He doesn’t get annoyed with her for being in his way, just lightly waves her off.” And no_anions mused: “I don’t know if studio lights are like concert stage lights were, but if they are it’s probably hot. That leather jacket makes him hot in two ways. That squat always makes me cringe. Those shorts look too uncomfortable to do that in. I would have loved to have danced with him.” Freddie Mercury ‘hides’ AIDS in awful video.