Howard Stern Savagely Calls Out Eddie Vedder Ripoff


Howard Stern recently played Creed’s “Higher” on his show, and discussed claims that Scott Stapp ripped off Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder. Howard Stern recently revealed what Scott Stapp did to his wife. recapped: He said he thinks Creed’s music is really good. Robin said they were accused of ripping off Pearl Jam. Howard said he thinks it’s still a good song. He wishes he could rip off Pearl Jam. Howard sang along with the song a little bit.

Eddie Vedder’s family was recently stunned by a heartbreaking teen claim. Howard said his father told him he was lucky. He said he was being paid to go to graduate school. Robin said it’s also the attitude you bring. Howard said he was the worst radio performer and he got better at it for putting in the hours. Robin said people wonder why they don’t get anywhere. Howard said he knew guys who said fuck the sales department or fuck this place and they didn’t want to spend more than 4 hours there.

He said he knew guys who were so fucked up that they would drink cough syrup during their shift. He said one guy did that and he looked at them like they were just fucked up. He said they didn’t take their craft seriously. He said you never hear from them again.

Howard asked if that answered the caller’s question. The guy said it did. Howard let him go after that.

Howard said his dad gave him some money for gas to fill up the tank. He said he appreciates that he did that for him. He said he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he didn’t pay him back. He said he made some money and paid him back.

Howard said don’t be complaining about not making money and going off to storm Area 51. He said just go out and get a job and concentrate on being great at it. A crazy Eddie Vedder and Carmen Electra story was recently revealed.