Howard Stern Makes ‘Gross’ Rage Against The Machine Claim


Howard Stern discussed being distracted by trying to hook up with women when meeting Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello at a party at Rick Rubin’s house. Rage Against The Machine just dropped a sad Eddie Vedder bombshell. recapped: After the break they played Butthole Surfers ”Pepper” as they were coming back. Howard came back and said that’s a cool song. He said he’s very into 90s music. He said he spent all weekend listening to Lithium. He maybe because they were on K-Rock and played a lot of that. Robin said they were on in the 80s too. She said the 90s was a breakthrough in rock and roll. Howard said he loves the Tom Morello show.

He said he met him once or twice but only spoke to him for a few seconds. He said he was busy trying to get laid. He said his [privates] leads the charge. He said he was at Rick Rubin’s house when he met Tom. Robin said Goldie Hawn’s daughter was there. Howard said he thought she was into him but he could have been wrong. Howard said he was single for like a year. He said he was on a mad ass mission. He said he came out of his shell then. He said he wasn’t quarantined.

Howard said this song came out in 1996. He said he’s trying to remember the name of the song. He said he can’t think of it.

Howard said music has gone backwards. He said he hears stuff other than Billie Eilish and he thinks it’s going backwards.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he was listening to the clips of JD and they’re amazing. He said it sounds like clips from the show Intervention. Howard said it’s weird that JD has gone from a guy who does nothing to doing all of that stuff he did at that party. The caller said maybe JD is nervous that Howard is going to leave there. Howard said he might want to sober up.

Howard said Leslie Jones is going to come in on Wednesday. He said he has to talk to her. He said he’s looking forward to talking to her. He said he saw her do some stand up one night and she’s very talented. He said she left Saturday Night Live and she has a bunch of movies coming out.

The caller said he upgraded his Apple TV and got the SiriusXM app. He said he watched them playing charades. Howard said Benjy told him he was great at it. Robin said he’s always up his ass. Howard said no he isn’t. Howard said people think his acting was good and Robin was a bit slow. Robin said she doesn’t play charades so she doesn’t know what the signs are. Howard Stern recently revealed what’s wrong with Pearl Jam.