Gene Simmons Announces New Singer On KISS 2020 Tour


Gene Simmons, acclaimed bassist of ‘the hottest band in the land’, Kiss recently took to social media to unveil his annual “Seasons Greetings video tweet” which came with official confirmation that Van Halen icon, David Lee Roth will be opening for Kiss during their widely anticipated ‘End of the Road’ tour. Gene Simmons daughter calls out ‘horrible’ performance.

Simmons stated: “Merry Christmas, happy holidays everybody. I hope you’ll be surrounded by friends, family, loved ones, your favorite pets – don’t forget our vets. We are coming back to see you. You bet your ass we will. 2020, another one-hundred-fifty cities around the world. I hear that David Lee Roth is going to be joining us on stage. Wow. See you soon.”

Gene Simmons reveals sad Freddie Mercury AIDS photo. In other news revolving Gene Simmons and Kiss fans recently took to social media to reflect upon one of the group’s most landmark albums – ‘Songs From The Elder’. One fan put: ”

This is a real reissue vinyl where they actually took the pain to create a new inner sleeve for the record and instead of the original plastic sleeve with all the stuff, they included a paper sleeve with all the lyrics and credits. That was a really nice move. I don’t think that I’ve ever bought a reissued vinyl where they cared about the fans, most of them come in an empty paper or plastic sleeve. The Elder is one of those rarities that you whether like it or not, nothing in between.
The fan continued: “I’ve always thought that this was a really good album and it may not be the most catchy rocking Kiss record ever but there are some really well-crafted songs not to mention that it came out at the worst possible time right after Dynasty and Unmasked so I’m pretty sure that The Elder was a huge disappointment for those waiting for another Love gun. This is a record to chill out on a Sunday afternoon or at night after work and simply space out even if you’re not a real Kiss fan give this record a listen because it may surprise you.” Gene Simmons’ wife ‘moving’ was recently revealed in photo.