Howard Stern Painful Tool Secret Revealed: ‘It’s Over’


Howard Stern is a big fan of rock bands like Tool, even making a bold Maynard James Keenan ‘rejection’ statement a few months ago, and now acclaimed comedian Pauly Kover has discussed the painful ending of the original Joint in Las Vegas, and how his great memory before it was over was seeing Stern and Tool there.

Pauly tweeted, “SO MANY!!! Old Joint – Howard Stern, Chris Cornell, Incubus, Holiday Havoc, Duran Duran, Tool, Impact Wrestling, Thirty Seconds To Mars

New Joint – Avenged Sevenfold on opening weekend, Impractical Jokers, Adam Sandler & Friends, Incubus, Holiday Havoc, UFC..there isn’t just 1.”

Tool and Miley Cyrus are set to play at the Bonnaroo festival this summer, leading to mixed reactions from fans on Reddit.

HellYeahTinyRick posted, “Bonnaroo is all about curating a lineup with a very broad musical scope. There is something there for EVERYONE. That is what makes it so special. I always find new bands and artists that I love after going. Not to mention all the cool ass people.”

Musistic-vince responded, “Yes. Even if you go to Bonnaroo just to see Tool play Bonnaroo, it’s still worth the ticket price. The atmosphere plays exactly to their high production live shows.

Both times Radiohead have played they have walked away claiming that Bonnaroo was easily their favorite show they’ve ever played. I suspect Tool love it even more than that as it’s a departure from the metal festivals they play.”

EonBlueAegiscrucify the ego responded, “I think you’re showing your own blind spot by painting with such a broad brush.

The cost and the crowds aren’t ideal, not to mention that the vast majority of the bands are extremely unappealing to me (I’m talking about the pop and the generic rock), and i think thats most peoples issue as opposed to, if it ain’t metal its bad. TBQH most of the metal festivals Tool plays at shouldn’t be labelled metal, but thats just me. Hell, my city has Louder Than Life every year and I haven’t gone once, haha. On the other hand, it’s just a festival y’all, let people like what they like for fucks sake.”

Fire9x chimed in, “You have a fair point but I disagree heartily with the cost factor. When I’m already paying close to $200 for an average Tool ticket, and other bands/artists like Primus and Tipper can easily run $80-100, paying $500 for camping, ticket, and fees doesn’t feel like a significant cost increase compared to the sheer amount of musical content in this lineup. I agree fully with your last statement though haha.” Tool called out a ‘drunken mess’ on the Fear Inoculum tour a few weeks ago.