Paul Stanley ‘Weight Gain’ Revealed In KISS Concert Photo


Paul Stanley is lookin’ ‘hotter than hell’! Recently a KISS superfan Peterkidder took to social media via Instagram to share this photo of KISS frontman, in full makeup with a fan who is looking better than ever and with toned abs, with a weight gain from larger muscles. We’re certain he made that fans day! You can check out the photo below. Paul Stanley hiring new KISS replacement revealed.

Paul Stanley unloads on final KISS tour backlash. In other news regarding Paul Stanley and KISS, fans recently took to the KISSFaq fan forum to discuss what it was like to be a fan of KISS during the 80s, known widely as the lean years for ‘the hottest band in the land’. Forum user Bing80 stated: “Never cared about what others thought (then or now!). My 80s started with accepting Unmasked and then being blown away by the Stafford UK gig! School trip to London and picking up The Elder unexpectedly (and getting bus driver to play it on cassette every time we toured sights). So still in the zone.”

The user continued: “I loved Killers tracks and the Creatures knocked it out of the park…so excited I formed a band (we nailed Strutter, Wouldn’t you like to know me and Do you love me!). Trip to Virgin Megastore and free signing of stuff – winner! And then Lick it Up! Newcastle City Hall – a small theatre in UK and the Tank! So 80-84 just extended my love of this lot. Thereafter, hits and misses but enjoyed seeing the boys in charts during Crazy Nights period even though I was a bit bemused by some of the transient fandom. In summary, still at heights for the first 4 years, interested but not fanatical for next 6 (although some good stuff recorded) but never stopped loving their 70s history (and now appreciating the 80s output). Nothing’s changed!” Paul Stanley ‘backing out’ of KISS retirement claim leaks.