Howard Stern Reveals Horrible John Lennon Performance


Howard Stern recently said that The Beatles icon was so brilliant, that Lennon considered his song “Isolation” to be a stinker. Spoon recorded a cover of the song. Stern recently revealed why John Lennon ‘had’ to be killed. recapped: Howard said he was watching Spoon who have been together since 1993. He said he doesn’t know how he missed their stuff. Robin said she remembers them from the 90s. She didn’t know any of their songs. Howard asked if she can remember any of the songs at all. Robin didn’t remember anything.

Howard said the band did something so brilliant. He said on the app they recorded a song called Isolation by John Lennon. He said it’s such a great song. He said it was the same album that ”Working Class Hero” was on. He said Lennon was brilliant. He said this song was kind of a throw away. He said Spoon came in and did a cover of ”Isolation” and he thought that was brilliant. He said they chose to do it. He said that gets him to Robin’s new husband. He said the lead singer is Britt Daniel. John Lennon’s son recently reacted to racist accusations.

He said he’s watching this and thinking about what a good looking, nice guy he is. He said he’s doing this song Isolation and he determined that Robin should marry this guy. He said it’s like Bachelor in Paradise. He said he felt like she should go out with him. He said she needs a guy who can support himself. He said he’s not sure they can support themselves though. He said the keyboard player was really good too but he was thinking that Robin should marry the lead singer.

Howard said you have to watch this on the app. He said this guy Britt Daniel and all of the guys in the band are fantastic musicians. He said they did a beautiful job. He played the song for Robin. Howard said the guys were so good. He said the sound they’re getting is great too. Robin said this really is great. Howard said it is. John Lennon’s worst drug meltdown was recently revealed.