Howard Stern Reveals Why John Lennon ‘Had’ To Be Killed


Howard Stern aired a Vacation Show replay this week, and he revealed why ‘they’ had to kill The Beatles icon John Lennon, though it’s unclear if he means that he thinks Mark David Chapman wasn’t alone in orchestrating Lennon’s tragic 1980 shooting in New York. Ringo Starr recently made an eerie shooting remark after the John Lennon shooting. recapped: After the break they played a ”Good Looking Guy Radio” bit. They also played John Lennon’s ”Gimme Some Truth” as they were coming back.

Howard came back and sang along with the song Fred had playing. He said he loves this guy. He said they had to kill him. He said he liked that the guy wants to get out of jail. He said Yoko has to go deal with that. He said poor Yoko. He said she put out a new album. Robin said she talked about that.

Howard Stern revealed a big name heartbreaking Axl Rose conversation earlier this week. Howard said he has some clips. Robin said she was listening to Sean Ono Lennon and his actual last name is Ono Lennon. She asked Howard what he did after the Beatles. Howard said he’s not sure what she’s talking about. Howard said he did the John Lennon solo album. Robin said they were in a new band and it had Eric Clapton and Keith Richards in it. Howard didn’t know that. Robin said she didn’t either. She said they played it that night on The Beatles channel. Robin said that Clapton was a member of the Plastic Ono Band. Howard said lucky him. Howard Stern played a creepy Kid Rock recording a couple of weeks ago.