Keith Richards Savagely Disrespected By Famous Actor


The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was mocked by David Spade in a satirical new social media video, with Spade predicting his death. Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone transcribed his remarks about a recent Rose Bowl show in Pasadena, California. Spade also made an offensive Mick Jagger ‘dementia’ remark.

“I then sit down and then I can’t see because I’m 1000% blocked by everyone in the aisle. The people that are blocking me in the aisle don’t give a fat f**k about me – even though I was in Benchwarmers. It’s just like being in a packed elevator for two and a half hours. So I’m like this [huddling] and I’m like:

‘Hm, nine-hundred bucks a seat for this dog shit?’ But the reason they sell out every time, I figured it out, is because they’re so old that people always think:

‘This is for sure the last one, they’re never going on the road again. We have to go.’

It’s the greatest trick in the book. I did that in 1981 when i saw them. I go: ‘They’re fourty-five, they are obviously croaking soon.’ Now I’m forty-five and it’s up there, but it’s not – don’t Google it.” A Van Halen icon mocked Keith Richards recently.

The Rolling Stones recently wrapped up their highly successful ‘No Filter’ North American stadium tour, which was originally postponed after Mick Jagger had heart surgery earlier this year. The Rolling Stones have hinted at plans for a new album and more touring in 2020, but they have yet to confirm any plans. Mick Jagger was brutally disrespected by a famous woman on television on Friday.