Pearl Jam Fall 2020 North American Tour Dates Revealed


Pearl Jam are planning a fall 2020 North American tour to continue promoting Gigaton following a spring run and summer European dates. Billy Corgan recently reacted to Pearl Jam tour backlash.

Kevinman posted on the Ten Club boards, “Pearl Jam at United Center 9/2020. Word is….2 shows in September, details still being worked out. My cousin works tickets at UC and just texted me this.”

EHBacon wrote, “I’m so ready. Would love to get show #6 and #7 this year! Seems like I’ve already got a pattern going, having seen shows in ’14, ’16, and ’18. This would make ’20, so every other year ain’t bad!

I know it sounds stupid, but I just hope it isn’t on a Saturday. I’m a student at Wisconsin and I have not missed a home football game my entire first 3 years and don’t want to miss one during my senior year. Hopefully if it is on a Saturday we have a morning game!”

CantKeepmedown said, “Folks. The fall is happening. They are not going to dampen the current focus on the album the shows in the spring by jumping into another ticket panic. I’d say we are looking at late spring/early summer.

I bet they wait until after the spring tour is finished. Yeah. Most of those shows are sold out, but no need to announce more shows in the hopes that people will still buy for this coming tour. Once this tour is finished, I would expect Dimi to stop by and start dropping some more hints. ”

Spoonman110 chimed in, “I don’t think PJ does Lolla. Foo Fighters are confirmed for Osheaga, which often shares acts with Lolla. I think FF headline a night at Lolla this year, and I really can’t see another ‘classic rock act’ headlining another night. Lolla isn’t that kind of festival anymore.” Pearl Jam’s unreleased “Even Flow” video recently leaked.