Howard Stern Reveals How He Pissed Off Robert Plant


Howard Stern recently interviewed Def Leppard, and he recalled interviewed Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. wrote in a recap that Howard said he had Robert Plant on the show and he was telling him how much he loved him and he looked like he wanted to throw him out a window.

Joe Elliott said he went to play a show that Robert asked him to play up in Albany once. He said he flew on his private jet and he ended up throwing up on that jet. He said he went on stage and did the microphone check for Robert. He said the kids in the crowd were looking at him like they thought it might be him but went ”Nah.”

Howard asked if they’re really still into playing. Phil said it never gets old. He said it’s still exciting. Rick Savage said the same thing. Joe said the lights going down before the show never gets old. Howard said some guys get sick of it. Joe said they should quit then. Howard said Billy Joel still loves playing his residency.

Howard asked if they ever hear something like Taylor Swift doing their song and think it wasn’t so great. The guys said they love that. They said it’s a crossover. Howard said he thinks they need Joe singing that. Joe said that was an awesome mix. Howard said TV does the worst job mixing. He said never let them mix the music.

Howard said Tom Cruise did Rock of Ages for some movie. Joe said they actually saw it. He said they went into this basement and he was up there doing it when they walked in. Howard said Tom had balls to do that in front of them. He played some of that performance too.

Howard said as he was saying thank you for getting up early. Joe said don’t ever ask them again. Howard said some of them look like they fell asleep. Howard asked if Vivian is okay. Vivian said he’s okay over there. Howard said he has to let them go. He said he wants to congratulate them on getting into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He said watch that. He said they’re hitting Vegas for a residency out there. Howard said try to behave out there. Joe said this is their second one actually. Howard said that’s happening this summer. He said go to for tickets. Robin asked how long that lasts. Joe said it’s like 3 and a half weeks.