Howard Stern Reveals Why Slash Pissed Off Michael Jackson


Howard Stern interviewed Gary Clark Jr. last week, and in the interview Stern revealed he saw Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash piss off Michael Jackson at a concert, according to

Howard said they should do their next song. He said this is in honor of their new album ”This Land”. Howard said this is the title track of the album. Howard shut up and let them do their thing.

After the song Howard said that is a sexy riff. He asked how he wrote that song. He asked him to do some of that riff. Gary did it for him. Howard asked if he’s fucking around in the barn or something. He asked what he comes up with first. Gary said it’s all over the place. He said he uses digital stuff. He said some of it is playing guitar or playing piano. He said he sings it into the phone or whatever. He said he has a portable studio kind of set up. Howard said he can put it together in his hotel room then. Gary said he can.

Howard said he was laughing during the song because he was wailing on that guitar so hard. He said he wants to jam with a band and hit the pedals. Gary said those pedals are pretty basic. Howard asked for a demonstration of what it does. Gary showed what a fuzz sounds like. He said you can kick into that and then into a tremolo thing. Howard asked how many buttons he has down there. Gary said he has about 6. He said this guy over here has more. Eric had more stuff going on over there. Howard asked Eric to give him some cool effects. Eric played him some stuff. Howard said he’d be doing that. Robin said that’s a fancy guitar. Howard asked what that is. Eric said it’s a Moulon from South Korea.

Howard said when he plays air guitar he fucks with the pedals. He said he doesn’t actually play guitar. Robin said the white guys were singing ”Run ****** run” too. The guys told Robin not to get them in trouble. Howard asked if it’s okay for white people to sing along. Gary said no. He said just listen to it. Howard said he’s not fucking with that song. Gary said just listen.

Howard said Gary is doing it and living his fantasy. He said he loves it. Gary said he’s having a good time. Howard said he’s great. Gary said he was doing some stuff and he made some mistakes in that song. Howard said he was driving it pretty hard. He said he was laughing because it was so impressive. Howard asked if he digs Eddie Van Halen. Gary said of course. He said Michael Jackson introduced him to Eddie. Howard said he saw Slash and Michael doing a song and Michael kept telling him to stop and Slash wouldn’t stop.

Howard said Gary is pretty fast on his guitar. Gary said he’s not as fast as Eddie Van Halen. He said he likes to listen to Buddy Guy and guys like that. Howard said that’s why the Stones want him.