Howard Stern Reveals What Tom Petty ’Smoked’ Before Death


Howard Stern said on his show this past week that he watched a great Tom Petty documentary on Amazon. Stern also discussed Petty’s life and death. Tom Petty bedroom photos were recently revealed his family. recapped: Howard said that Tom Petty was a smoker. He said he remembers seeing him with a cigarette in his mouth all the time. Fred said he got involved in drugs a few times too.

Howard said Tom sold more than 80 million records. He won a bunch of Grammy awards. He said he was nominated 18 times. Howard said he’ll play some songs. Howard played ”Breakdown” and said he played this a million times. He said he was never a big fan of that song. He said he’ll play the songs he really loved later on.

Howard played some ”I Won’t Back Down” and said he liked that one too. He said there are some songs he really liked. Howard said he’s like that guy singing along at the concert. Howard played some ”Running Down the Dream” but said he didn’t like that. Howard said ”Mary Jane’s Last Dance” was good. He played some of that. He said the video for this one was really weird. He said the song is really good. Howard said one of his favorites was ”You Don’t Know How it Feels.” Steven Tyler’s girlfriend recently revealed what Tom Petty did to her.

Howard said the song had ”Lets roll another joint” in it and MTV took it out of the video. Howard said everyone is smoking weed. Howard said you can’t hear about it or that will promote it. Howard played some of the song. Howard said that’s a great song. Fred said he thinks he wrote this song with a beat box and they brought in the drummer at the last minute. Tom Petty’s family recently called out a heroin party secret.