Steven Tyler Girlfriend Reveals What Tom Petty Did To Her


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler‘s ex-girlfriend has revealed what Tom Petty did for her recently – fill her house will the smooth sounds of his music! Brad Pitt looks miserable in a new photo with Steven Tyler’s daughter.

Yes, in a new Instagram post posted by the former Tyler flame, Bebe Buell posted that she raised a glass to post the late band leader for the Heartbreakers and that she filled her home with the music of Tom Petty. You can view her post and the photo below. This Steven Tyler embarrassing haircut photo was recently revealed.

Steven Tyler ‘won’t leave alone’ this flight attendant in a newly uncovered photo. Realbebebuell: “Always in our hearts on your earthly day of birth… we all miss you @tompettyofficial and raise a glass to toast you today and as often as possible! My house is filled with your music and my thoughts are swirling in the cosmos.”

When asked by a fan if they ever met, she said they did. A fan asked, “Did you ever get to meet him?” Bebe responded to the fan, “A simple google search should answer that for you. Just google Tom Petty & Bebe Buell and some lovely pics should surface… 😘”