Howard Stern Reveals ‘Worst’ Neil Young Performance


Howard Stern revealed that someone on his show was going to find the ‘worst’ Neil Young performance. Neil Young was just spotted driving a ridiculous car with an actress. recapped: Howard said he worked for a station in 1977 and Meg and her husband were in charge of the station. He said Meg was the music director and she was hot. He said her boyfriend, Joe, was from Chicago and he’d play weird shit too. He said he had weirder shit than Meg did. He said she was normal compared to him. He said he remembers meeting Meg and she was great on the air. He said he wanted to fuck her. He said she was way out of his league. He said she’d ask what kind of music he was into and he’d say Crosby, Stills and Nash and they put him on in the mornings. He said he thought he knew music but not compared to them.

Howard said he used to write down what Meg and Joe played and he thought that they’d like him better if he did that. He said they could play whatever they wanted there and he thinks that Meg brought in her own albums to play because he wasn’t able to find any of the stuff she played.

Robin said she was listening to that show and Meg gave some good information about Neil Young. Howard said Neil is the greatest. He said most of his stuff was great. He said he’s sure Meg could find something he did that wasn’t great. Howard did a live commercial read after that.

Howard said Meg used to play The Ramones and Patty Smith and he wasn’t into it back then but now he can get into it.

Robin said she has a tape of the youngest member of Mensa UK. Robin said this is a 3 year old Asian boy who has a 142 IQ. Robin said he’s in the 99.7th percentile. Howard asked if his IQ will go up or stay the same. Robin said it doesn’t have anything to do with maturing. Robin had a clip of the kid reading like an adult but he was only 2 at the time. Howard said they say that a lot of these geniuses never kind of go anywhere. He said you take a big dummy like him and he had to try hard. Robin said Howard didn’t invent anything she can use. Howard said he tries but it doesn’t happen. Neil Young recently broke his silence on Bruce Springsteen fan disrespect.