Howard Stern Show Legend Dies After Blood Clots


It is with very heavy hearts that we must report that, Fred the Elephant Boy Schreiber, the longest-tenured Wack Packer in Stern Show history, passed away recently from complications from blood clots. He was 64.

On Tuesday, Howard Stern took an episode to remember Fred fondly. “One of my faves,” he said of the Wack Packer, whose unique speech stood out from his very first call in 1988.

Howard Stern continued: “He was a 30-year-old virgin when we met him, and we helped him get laid for the first time … I thought the show was a great, great bonus for this guy’s life.”

Fred also had the distinction of helping introduce Howard for his nomination for Governor of New York at the Libertarian convention in 1994. “I knew Fred was the perfect person,” Howard said before playing clips from that appearance as well as at an event in Cleveland in 1994.

Howard continued: “He was quite the speech master and he got really f*cking excited sometimes … I mean you couldn’t ask for a better hype man.”

It was different to see Howard break character a bit, but he would close saying: “Elephant Boy was a good dude,” he recalled. “He was a good-hearted guy and whenever we asked him to do something he was so thrilled to be a part of the radio show.”