Howard Stern Unloads On Terrible The Eagles Performance


Howard Stern recently discussed a terrible performance he had with The Eagles icon Joe Walsh, as he choked while playing and unfortunately his guitar amp was turned ‘all the way up.’ Stern made the comments while interviewing Adam Sandler. recapped: Howard asked if Adam has any hobbies. Adam said he likes to play guitar. He said he should take lessons again. Howard said come over and they’ll paint together. He said he’ll teach him.

Howard Stern recently revealed a sell out Green Day payday. Adam said maybe they can sing together. Howard did some singing for Adam when he put on some echo on his voice. He sang some In the Court of the Crimson King. Howard said that’s tough to sing so early in the morning. Howard asked who he plays with. Adam said he has some friends. He said he has played with everyone. He said he used to have parties for the holidays and all of the musicians would come over. He said he played with Waddy Wachtel.

Howard asked if he ever played with Joe Walsh. Adam said sure he has. Howard said Joe fucked him up so bad one night. He said they went out to a party one night and h was there with Leslie West and Joe. He said Joe asked him to come out and do Funk #49 with him. He said Joe taught him the chords and he asked him to turn off his amp. He said he turned his amp all the way up. He said he was terrible. A member of The Eagles taking a brutal shot at a Foo Fighters member was detailed a few weeks ago.