Eddie Van Halen Bandmate Reveals ‘Multiple’ Diseases


Eddie Van Halen bandmate David Lee Roth discussed the risks of sharing spit with people in a new Roth Show podcast, discussing health issues people can face. Alternative Nation transcribed his remarks.

“We’ve learned that if you share the spit, you are probably going to catch a cold seven times a year, and one of the times it is going to be pneumonia requiring anabiotics or some vegetarian holistic solution. You remember what happened to your guts last time, you missed the festival.”

Later he described how STD’s can affect people, “I don’t want to catch any more colds, I don’t want to get the runs inexplicably, I don’t want to seek holistic care because suddenly I have a rash or a fuckin’ herpes sore the size of a potato chip. Don’t think people haven’t sued each other over that shit.”

Roth also recently reacted to Billie Eilish claiming she’s never heard of Van Halen. Roth tweeted, “Dear @billieeilish. Yes #VanHalen was before you. So was Tchaikovsky, Mark Twain and the Beatles. Oh, so much for West Side Story; ‘When You’re a Jet’..😉”

ArtyBoy responded on VHLinks.com, “This is an example of why Dave has not been a full-fledged member of Van Halen since 1985. He makes excellent points and it’s funny, but…high road, Dave! High road! A band of senior citizens arguing with a 17 year old looks bad! Wolf already handled this beautifully!”

DRFC chimed in, “I think both Wolf nailed it and Dave nailed it. Wolf should be taking the high road and saying the right thing. Dave? — of COURSE he is going to compare VH to Tchaikovsky, Mark Twain and the Beatles. I expect nothing less.

I was just glad he didn’t go the route of something like ‘most women under 18 don’t yet know who I am’ — and I’m so glad he didn’t… but I’d love to know what tweets he deleted. lol.” Michael Anthony ‘blowing it’ with a Van Halen 2019 announcement was recently revealed.