Iron Maiden Legend Going Into ‘Intensive Care’


Former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno will finally be getting a long-awaited knee surgery early next month. Di’Anno was the lead vocalist for Iron Maiden from 1977 to 1981. Di’Anno would become the band’s singer following the departure of the volatile and unpredictable Dennis Wilcock, who had pressured Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris into firing every member of the band. Another Iron Maiden signer would recently be in the news as well for an elaborate private jet.

Stjepan Juras, who is a published author of many books about Iron Maiden and is also taking care of the heavy metal vocalist discussed the following status update in regards to Di’Anno’s condition and overall health. Juras would post the following statement on social media via Facebook.

“After a long and intensive recovery of Paul Di’Anno in Croatia, and a series of treatments he underwent, the moment of the great announcement has finally come. You already knew that Paul was facing three major operations, but now we finally know the dates. Paul Di’Anno will be admitted to the hospital on July 5, 2022, and all three surgeries will be performed on him for two consecutive days, after which the hospital recovery will take about two to three weeks. Hospital recovery and intensive care are followed by the second part of recovery, which is rehabilitation and re-learning of walking, which will be significantly improved in the first days of October, and by the end of 2022 Paul should be able to walk fully.”

He would continue to say: “Paul is very motivated and can’t wait for the big and currently most important change in his life to happen. The doctor who will operate on him is one of the authorities not only in Croatia, but also in Europe when we talk about surgery of this kind, and the operation that Paul will undergo is the most complicated of all orthopedic surgeries.