Nikki Sixx Drops Motley Crue Cancelation Bombshell


Nikki Sixx said he’s surprised Motley Crue weren’t canceled after ‘The Dirt’ film in a new tweet, as seen below.

Recently it was revealed that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee announced he has broken four ribs, and Motley Crue will have a temporary replacement on the Stadium Tour. In doing this, Mr. Lee released a statement that read as the following: “Man, ya’ll ain’t gonna believe this s***! I broke four f***ing ribs! But I’ve been resting and healing and even though the doctor tells me I shouldn’t play at all, you know I’m stubborn and I’ll beast through the pain every show for as many songs as I can! And have no fear, my boy Tommy Clufetos is here to help me out until I’m back at 100% We’ve all been waiting years for this moment and there’s no way I’m missing this! On with the show!”

And as they say, indeed, the show must go on – and it did in a big way as Motley Crue would bring out pop-punk superstar Machine Gun Kelly during their debut Stadium show in Atlanta. Footage of the performance can be seen below.

Machine Gun Kelly has been known to be quite the character but could he be known to be a real-life Ken doll? The rapper turned pop-punk superstar took to social media via Twitter to let the world know that he has light-hearted aspirations to play Ryan Gosling’s role in the upcoming live-action Barbie movie which comes out in the summer of 2023. The film is scheduled to be theatrically released in the United States on July 21, 2023, taking over the original release date of Coyote vs. Acme. It was previously set for June 2, 2017, May 12, 2017, June 29, 2018, August 8, 2018, and May 8, 2020.

On Twitter, Machine Gun Kelly would state: “In the Barbie movie metaverse, I can play the Ken that smokes weed.” In the film, Margot Robbie plays Barbie so it would probably be natural for MGK to prefer Megan Fox in that role. In any event, I’m sure MGK will be getting more acting opportunities sooner rather than later.