Iron Maiden Singer Suffers Meltdown In Concert Video


As one of the most prolific heavy metal artists of our time, Bruce Dickinson, frontman of Iron Maiden is no stranger to partying and having a good time. However, during a recent show in Greece, it was plain to see that one certain fan was taking things a bit too far and the ‘Run to the Hills’ singer was not going to have it.

As it turned out, Iron Maiden were several songs in when the infraction occurred. A fan-shot up a flare gun into the sky. Obviously, the lead singer took notice of this immediately and became enraged. In Dickinson’s mind, he believed the smoke from the flare gun would have impacted his vocal ability and would have been able to prevent him to sing and keep the concert from continuing. Credit to Blabbermouth for the following.

In doing this, he addressed the fan by stating: “You fu**ing c**ks**ker. You Greek c**t. All right. I’ve gotta f**king sing. All right. F**k you.”

The band would temporarily leave the stage until the smoke died down before coming back and resuming their set. However, it should be noted that when things eventually resumed, Dickerson was not in sync with the rest of his Iron Maiden bandmates.

In other news regarding Iron Maiden, during a recent interview with Metal Pilgrim, Judas Priest leading frontman Rob Halford discussed touring with the group on the band’s 1982 “World Vengeance” North American tour. Credit to Blabbermouth for the below.

“I used to watch Maiden most nights and look and go, ‘Man, these guys are gonna be huge.’ Just the songs, the energy on stage, just everything about them just screamed that they were gonna be a massive band. So, for us to be working together for some of those dates was remarkable, if you had a chance to see it.