James Hetfield Leaves Huge Metallica Tip At Restaurant


Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney took to Twitter to share this photo. The photo is actually a bar tab from the early 1980s in where and when Metalica played the historic Troubadour night club in West Hollywood, California. With the bar tab being seventy-five dollars, you can see who paid the difference on this bill below. McGovney wrote: “8-2-1982. Metallica plays the Troubadour and gets paid $36.90. Bar tab was $75.00. I wonder who paid the difference?” Metallica ex-bassist calls out James Hetfield’s drinking.

In other Metallica news, fans recently took to social media to revisit one of the group’s most beloved albums – Metallica’s self-titled. One fan said: “I actually just bought this a few days ago, deciding to give it another chance. I have been on a Metallica kick recently. I saw them on this album tour 18 yrs ago and have been a fan since the very early days. I still have ‘No Life to Leather Demo, so I go back a long time. Maybe age has softened me. When this came out in ’91 I hated it with a passion. I was so entrenched in death metal (still am) and thrash that this release felt like a betrayal for being such a loyal fan, The band gave up their thrash roots and were influenced by Bob Rock way too much. Well if the band wanted to still put out a thrash album they could have at that point.”

James Hetfield recently unloads on canceling Metallica tour for rehab. The fan continued: “It was not like Bob Rock was pointing a gun to the members’ heads, the band was just way too easily influenced with him at the helm. It’s a shame. A bunch of these songs I still feel would have been better if they were thrashed and speeded up. Anyway, enter a more mellow band. The band experimented with simpler song structures with pretty massive production. I do like the production on this and the guitar sound is amazing. Songs are super catchy, enter sandman, the amazing sad but true-killer riff, the unforgiven, struggle within, nothing else matters all catchy numbers. The band quickly made millions of new fans with this release and enter sandman started to get played at baseball and football games across the world. I have opened up over the years more, and feel this is a great record. I don’t think it holds a candle to their first 4 releases or death magnetic, but I do feel that it’s a great heavy record in its own right.” Metallica icon calls out ‘sloppy’ Dave Mustaine performance.