Geddy Lee Alcohol Photo Revealed After Rush Tragedy


Rush and Geddy Lee superfan Great Davey’s Ghost took to social media via Twitter to proclaim that they were going to enjoy quite the treat in honor of Neil Peart’s memory. A treat with a connection to Geddy Lee himself. The Twitter user wrote: “Drinking my 50th birthday present tonight in memory of Neil Peart. A 1998 La Fleur-Petrus, bought at auction and previously owned by Geddy Lee.” Lee is a noted wine connoisseur. Rush singer Geddy Lee ‘disease secret’ finally revealed.

In other news revolving Rush and Geddy Lee, fans recently took to social media to review Geddy Lee’s recently released book ‘Geddy Lee’s Big Beautiful Book of Bass’. One fan wrote: “I’m literally an emotional wreck after reading this book. The influence Geddy has had on me as a bass player and the impact Rush has had on my life is nothing I could ever put into words. I’ll assume everyone who reviews this book will know exactly what I’m speaking of. All of that to say, this book is f’in awesomeness and then some!”

Geddy Lee wearing woman’s clothing was revealed in a photo recently. The fan continued: “This is a great rundown of basses, their history, the goods and bads, the feelings, the songs they made noise on and the list goes on and on, but it’s all in this book. I would recommend this book to anyone who has ever listened to any kind of music, not just bass players. The book is fun and full of nostalgia that no other book covers, especially ones about basses. You can’t go wrong buying this book for your favorite musician.”

The fan also said: “As a side note, be prepared when you get to the end, your emotions will get the best of you. As we all know, Rush is no longer and as I read about a certain pair of custom items from Le Studio (I’m not giving away any book secrets here. I’ll let it hit you as it did me), I lost it. This is “The End” and it won’t hit you until get to those final pages. I doubt this was intentional, but it happened and I’m not mad about it. Geddy, his basses, his collection(s), their songs, their albums, their history, this book, it will all hit you when you get to that certain page and then it hits you hard; the realization that it really is the end. The end of many chapters.”

The fan concluded: “Thanks Geddy for the amazing book! Thanks Rush for all you’ve done for everyone on this planet. You’ve left your mark and made the world a better place. The End.” Neil Peart’s last public words when dying to Geddy Lee were revealed not too long ago.