Steven Tyler Threatens Men Who Attack Daughter


Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler said he will take forceful action against anyone who physically attacks his beautiful daughter Chelsea in a Howard Stern vacation show replay episode recently. Tyler was recently spotted with two attractive models. recapped: Howard said Mariann from Brooklyn didn’t do her announce for this morning. He said that the great Steven Tyler is coming in today. He said that he got a text from him but it’s hard to tell it’s him. He said it comes up as a number and not a name. Howard said it’s in his contacts but it shows up as a number. He said it shows up in his email too. Steven Tyler’s family was recently stunned by tragic news.

He said he can’t even explain what’s going on there. Howard said Steven asked if he could come in and promote his new single. Howard said he calls it country but it’s really acoustic Aerosmith. Howard said he’s one of the best. He said Steven will stop by today.

Later on when Tyler was on, he said that he never had it in him to punch anyone in the face. He said if someone came near Chelsea he’d shoot them in the face with a gun though. Howard asked if he carries a gun for self defense. Steven remained silent. Howard said we don’t know then. Howard said he must like guns. Steven said he thinks that everyone should go through a 21 day check before getting one. Robin asked how he’d get one then.

Howard said Steven was talking about the gun organization. Steven said the government weasels in and they want to take away assault rifles. He said that it’ll start with that and then they’ll take more. Steven Tyler allegedly stealing a girlfriend from a fan was recently detailed.