Jane’s Addiction Reveal Two New Reunion Songs


Perry Farrell has announced the titles of the first two new Jane’s Addiction songs with founding bassist Eric Avery since 1990’s Ritual de lo Habitual.

Farrell told Variety the sessions, “actually exceeded expectations. We wrote three songs – one is very, very raw, but there’s two in particular that I love. One’s called ‘True Love,’ and the other one’s called ‘The Imminent Redemption.’ ”

Avery based one new song off a drum clinic beat he heard drummer Stephen Perkins play on YouTube, “I started playing it with Stephen, and Perry started singing, and I felt a feeling that I hadn’t felt in many years,” Avery says. “It reminded me of surfing. When you’re paddling for a wave, there’s an inflection point where the wave has you, and you’ve put the effort in and can stop paddling. You just stand up and begin to ride. I thought, wow, we can still plug into this…”

“When you hear what we came up with, it just instantly has that vibe that you hear in things like ‘Mountain Song’ or ‘Whores,’ ” Perkins adds. “It’s dark. It’s cinematic. It’s voodoo. It sounds like us.”

Farrell said Dave Navarro still needs to record his guitar parts. “These songs are hanging,” he says. “Dave hasn’t recorded on them yet, and they’re not going to be completed until he does.”