Alice In Chains Return From Hiatus Revealed?


Alice in Chains frontman Jerry Cantrell is seemingly in doubt about performing live. During an appearance on the “Hardcore Humanism” podcast, Alice in Chains founder discussed his plan to return to the road, both with his band and as a solo artist in support of his recently released solo album “Brighten”. He previously revealed how Nine Inch Nails ‘Made A Turn’.

Jerry Cantrell reveals his plans

Cantrell noted how this past year and a half has been extremely difficult for the whole planet. He has been concerned about the situation and everyone has been striving ‘to figure out how to navigate this new element in our lives.’ According to him, people are fortunate that they have had ‘pretty good medicine’ to deal with this virus. It was previously alleged that Cantrell’s show was ruined by Jeff Garlin.

He said: “With COVID, it made the making of the [‘Brighten’] record pretty difficult. We were lucky enough to get most of the work done with the basic tracks right as everything shut down in March [2020]. And then the rest of it was done one-on-one and masked up and doing the distancing where we could and trying to be careful. Luckily, nobody got sick. And it’s something we’re still dealing with.”

Cantrell said that he wants ‘to be back out and playing shows.’ He added that “Things are just still a little bit uncertain right now, especially with the delta variant. And people are out doing gigs and stuff, but there’s also some incidences where folks are getting sick and having to cancel again.”

“I know for us, speaking to Sean [Kinney], we’ve been pretty together on this. We kind of thought that we wanted to see how this plays out a little bit and hopefully we get to some kind of equilibrium that kind of holds.

“We were planning on doing some shows next year with Alice, and I have [solo] shows booked from March till May of [next] year. But we’ll see. I think everybody’s gotta make their choices for themselves and navigate their own path.

The Alice in Chains singer-songwriter is planning on doing some shows next year with the band and also have solo shows booked from March till May of next year.