Jason Newsted Reveals Metallica Singer ‘Enabler’


Former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted revealed that he “enabled” his ex-bandmates James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, and Kirk Hammett to carry on with the band in a new WZZR Real Radio 94.3 interview. Jason Newsted recently an emotional video for Metallica fans a few days ago.

“They would not be doing what they’re doing now if I hadn’t made that move then and I knew what was best for everybody at the time,” he explained. “Whether I was prophetic and saw these things ahead of time, that I knew the inner rumblings, what would take place and what would unfold… I knew about people’s issues and stuff.”

He added about the period he left the band in the early 2000’s when James Hetfield went to rehab, before his latest stint, “‘We’ve gotta step away for a second, you guys, to make sure everybody can…’ ‘No. We don’t wanna step away. We wanna go and rock.’ So I chose to step away and they chose to keep going. But then they dove down for a couple of years and didn’t do anything because of it.

So if they would have just listened to what I said, we would have taken the time off together that I wanted to take off, we could have came back and did that thing. But that’s not what was meant to be. And now, what happened, physically, shoulders, all these other things, I couldn’t be in their band the way that I want to be.”

A Metallica countdown clock on the band’s website has led to fans thinking they will announce 2020 festival dates, but fans on Reddit are skeptical. James Hetfield took bold action online after entering rehab a few days ago.

stomp224 posted, “The frontman just entered rehab, the last time this happened they were inactive for 2 years.”

serosis commented, ” To be fair they were done touring, hired a celebrity therapist, lost Jason, were still mid-process of writing/recording St. Anger all while having a documentary crew up their ass recording every moment. There was a lot of shit happening that stalled them back then.”

stomp224 said, “But James was out of the picture for around a year as he was in recovery. They can’t predict or force his return, so that makes a tour announcement highly unlikely.”

OliWhiteGuy chimed in, “The future isn’t certain so they are still going to be making plans in the hope James is ready to play again soon and if not there will be contingencies in place to have another guest. The band know James situation better than anyone and they are going to be optimistic on the future.” Howard Stern revealed why James Hetfield really entered rehab recently.