Jason Newsted Releases Emotional Message To Metallica Fans


Jason Newsted has released a rare video message to Metallica fans about a recent benefit show performance. James Hetfield took bold action on social media after entering rehab yesterday.

“I’m Jason Newsted and we’re here to invite you to join us at the Amphitheater for the 1st annual J-Town Jam Musical Benefit concert.”

littlesmilesflorida said, “A message from our Executive Director, Nicole Grossmayer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Jason Newsted: Come see us tomorrow at J-Town Jam!! 😁🎶
#helpingkidsbekids #abacoa #benefitconcert #jasonnewsted #metallica #livemusic #kvjshow.”

Staind guitarist Mike Mushok recently said that Jason Newsted ended his ‘Newsted’ band because it “cost him a ton” of money to keep the project going. Jason Newsted recently broke his silence after James Hetfield entered rehab.

“I think he was happy with it [creatively],” Mike said on The Jasta Show last month. “I think the touring thing was hard. I don’t think it was exactly what he expected it was going to be. But listen, it was fun. I really enjoyed him. I really enjoyed our time together and playing. We’re still friends; we still communicate… We were playing smaller places, but the shows were always good; they were always fun. I just think it cost him a ton. ‘Cause he was footing the bill for everything. So I think that at the end of the day, he’s, like, ‘I’m doing this ’cause of my passion for it and what I love, but I’m bleeding here.’ We had this European tour that I think cost him a bunch.”

He added that he is “really thankful” for the “great experience” of playing with Newsted. “Jason is a hard worker, man. We would practice 10 hours, he’d record the whole thing, and when we were done, he wouldn’t walk out of the control — he’d sit there and listen to it. I’m, like, ‘Dude! Come on, man.’ I mean, there’s a hard work — I’m a hard worker, but this guy was next level.” Metallica recently made an embarrassing Kid Rock revelation.