AC/DC Member Reveals If He Fired Axl Rose


AC/DC drummer Chris Slade refused to reveal in a new Alterna Vivo at LaVerdad.ES interview if he’s been fired from the band, or if the band have fired Axl Rose and changed lineups to bring back Brian Johnson, Phil Rudd, and Cliff Williams to reunite with Angus Young. Below are translated answers. Rumors that AC/DC have canceled their 2020 tour surfaced yesterday.

And how is Axl Rose in the short distances, beyond everything that has been written about him in the press and criticism that he is a diva?

“Well, I have to say that Axl seemed like a good guy and very funny, without any of those negative features with which he was described in the media. Apart from that he is obviously a tremendous singer.”

Now much uncertainty exists about who the current AC / DC members are. Are you still the official battery?

“I’m sorry, but I can’t answer anything about the current AC / DC situation.”

And I suppose that less still to confirm if the band has already recorded a disc or is going to do it soon?

“Exactly. I can’t say anything about the current situation of the band or its future plans.”

An AC/DC icon revealed a ‘nonsense’ Angus Young demand a few days ago. Rock Phantom posted a review of Guns N’ Roses’ Austin City Limits Weekend 2 performance yesterday.

“Assessment: waste of time and money….Tonight’s GNR show was by far the worst of the six I have seen since 1992. The last GNR gig in Austin, which I caught back in February of 1993, totally destroyed the ACL gig. I did have nostalgic flashbacks to the 1993 show during the same tunes that were performed at both concerts. That was neat.

GNR has been my favorite band since I first heard Appetite in September/October of 1989.

The magic of the golden era is long gone. I believe Axl/Slash/Duff are cashing in on the legacy before Axl’s voice is gone for good.

I don’t fault anyone for loving the current incarnation of GNR, but this lineup doesn’t inspire me like the golden era 1987-1993 band did. This band simply isn’t “happening”. It’s the KISS reunion cash grab equivalent for my generation.

Maybe I would have had a better time if I didn’t try to tape the show. I wasn’t planning to. However, I had to get Locomotive on tape. :facepalm:

I’m ready to move on and delegate GNR to the memory bank of my teen years. It’s a sad night for me…”

Axl Rose threw an instrument at a recent Guns N’ Roses show.