Jennifer Lopez Humiliated After Botox Accusation


It is no secret whatsoever that celebrities who have passed the age of 40 have or are using the assistance of botox to keep their skin from aging. Quick fact: Botox is in fact botulism in a vile. Gives food for thought. Jennifer Lopez, actress and former singer now ambassador, has been accused of abusing Botox. Today, she is speaking out against her accusers.

As per an article published by MARCA, Jennifer Lopez has always been known for looking radiant and fashionable. Recently she has been the target of criticism because some people consider that she has abused Botox.

In response to this situation, the Bronx Diva decided not to keep quiet and responded to the negative comments she received.

On the show ‘El gordo y la flaca’, the hosts showed a tense moment that Jennifer experienced with a follower who told her that it was obvious that she had Botox in her face.

“A follower dared to tell her that she had a lot of Botox and the Bronx Diva quickly replied by telling her that she has said millions of times that this is her face and that she has never had Botox or surgery and that she should be more positive and help others to be positive too,” said one of the presenters.